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About Pearl Dental

The Clinic

Pearl Dental Care is recognized throughout Chennai for its unparalleled expertise and value added service in providing top-notch dental treatment. Located on the Barnaby road, (Near Kilpauk Medical College), just off the Poonamalle High Road, the clinic is easy to locate and comes with convenient parking space.

What makes us the best dental clinic in Chennai is the fact that we believe in preventative dental care and personal maintenance. We understand that visiting the dentist may not be an experience that you would look forward to and hence we ensure to inspire you to maintain good oral health on your own. We achieve this by educating you on the dos and don’ts, and by explaining how easily you can keep oral hygiene as your top priority. When it becomes a part of your lifestyle, you no longer have to worry about future dental problems troubling you.

Our professional dentists in Kilpauk take the responsibility of your health and safety very seriously. We ensure to follow Infection control procedures to avoid cross contamination from patient to dentist, dentist to patient or patient to patient. Our quality disinfectant agents ensure the removal of pathogenic microorganisms and thereby provide superior dental health care creating long-term and happy relationships with each individual patient.

Pearl Dental is a team of knowledgeable and approachable dentists providing the highest level of professional dentistry equipped with laser and digital technology. We offer the best Laser Teeth Whitening and Dental Laser services in Chennai with advanced dental care. We also understand and respect our patients’ requirements to improve dental aesthetics like color, position, shape, size, alignment of teeth and offer exceptional cosmetic dentistry that can work wonders on the smile and overall appearance of the patient.

We are specialized in replacing missing teeth with dental implants and basal implants, from simple to complex clinical situations. With our advanced Laser Teeth whitening, the results are long lasting and efficient, whitening the teeth up to five to six shades. Dental Laser devices are used to remove pathological dental tissues and Dental surgeries are used for Implants, Removal of Impact Teeth, Corrective Jaw Surgery, Treatment of Facial Injuries and Correction of Deformities. All these factors make Pearl Dental Care, a one-stop destination for your unique dental needs.


We welcome you to Pearl Dental in Chennai to enjoy a comprehensive, comfortable and completely customized dental experience. Recognized as the best Dental Clinic in Kilpauk, it offers Dental Implants, Endodontist, Wisdom Tooth Care, Tooth Extraction, Laser Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy and Cosmetic Dentistry at the reasonable price.

Contact us for free dental consultation and go back home as a changed person, wearing high self-confidence on your sleeve and radiating healthy smile on your face.