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Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges are prosthetic devices that are used to fix damaged or missing teeth. With these devices in place, you need no longer have to worry about your self-image and flash a smile whenever you feel like. Crowns are the ideal way to rebuild broken, weakened or decayed teeth. A crown is placed on top of the remaining part of fractured tooth, and it gives shape and support to the tooth. It completely covers the tooth above the gum line and protects it, restoring it back to health and function.

Crowns are also used to improve the appearance and shape of an existing tooth. Even a discoloured filling or a root canal filling requires a crown on top of it for protection. Instead of crowns, dental veneers that cover only the front side of the tooth can also be to improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Bridges are used to cover one or more missing teeth. An artificial replacement tooth is attached to two crowns on either side and as a single piece it is called a bridge. The crowns fit into the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth giving it stability and support. While dentures can be removed, bridges are fixed and cannot be removed. They prevent the nearby natural teeth from moving or rotating and are the most common way to permanently replace missing teeth.

Dental Crown treatment involves four major steps. The tooth that needs to be crowned has to undergo preparation which involves trimming of the tooth. The dentist then takes the impression of the remaining tooth and inserts a temporary crown on top of it. By the time of the next visit, the construction of the permanent crown would be complete and it would be inserted by the dentist.

At Pearl Dental Chennai, we offer advanced dental care with multiple varieties of crowns ranging from porcelain to zirconia. Gold, metal alloy and acrylic crowns are also available with us though they are less popular. Our qualified dentists clearly state the advantages and disadvantages of each type and leave it up to the patient to decide. The professionalism with which they work makes Pearl Dental the best clinic in Kilpauk and one of the best in Chennai. Avail a free consultation and bid adieu to your dental problems forever.