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Dental Health for Diabetic Patients07/11/2017

Have you been hesitant to visit your dentist because of a diabetic problem? Do you need an implant which you have been avoiding? With Diabetes mellitus being a major health hazard for the public in general, dental implants have incurred a risk with not optimal results. Diabetes has been known to affect the body in more ways than one including carrying complex syndrome characteristics. Diabetes is responsible for innumerable detrimental characteristics, like increased occurrence of caries, raised levels of salivary glucose, xerostomia (dry mouth), periodontitis and swelling of the parotid gland. This in turn leads to decreased healing of wounds and tissue necrosis especially in the oral cavity.

As diabetic patients often suffer from eyes, kidneys and feet problems, they are also prone to missing teeth, periodontal or gum dieases. Diabetics who smoke undergo a higher rate of poor dental implant integration and are advised to stop this habit before or soon after the procedure so that healing can take place. Diabetic patients with oral problems are often in need of full mouth dental implants, extraction and bone grafts and with limited prognosis.

Dental Health for Diabetic Patients

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