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Dentures can either be complete or partial. Partial dentures are used to replace one tooth or a few missing teeth. Complete Dentures are full-coverage prosthetic devices that are used to replace a full arch of missing teeth. It is a set of removable false teeth made of acrylic, nylon or metal that fits over the gums and eliminates the problems caused by gaps left by missing teeth. These gaps can cause numerous problems while eating and speaking and hence removable dentures serve as a one-stop solution for them.

Dentures also improve the appearance of smile boosting one’s confidence and self-esteem. They are fitted into the gums and jawbone immediately after the removal of the teeth. The dentist takes measurements and impressions of the mouth to create customized dentures. Complete Dentures can be removed easily and require proper care like brushing, flossing and regular dental visits to remove plaque and food trapped in between the teeth.

At first, our dentists examine the teeth and take a full mouth panoramic X-ray to evaluate the teeth, bones, and tissues of the mouth. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan where the dentist explains what needs to be done when in detail. The dentist will also help you make the right decision / h5Before the treatment begins, we would give you the exact cost of the entire procedure. Pearl Dental offers affordable dentistry to people with unique dental needs coming from all walks of life

At Pearl Dental Chennai, we use dentures of the industry standard that have a lot of characterization and add beauty to the face. For dentures to fit in properly, it is required that the underlying bone is strong and adequate. For an individual who hasn’t had teeth for a long time, fitting dentures can be challenging as the bone loss is severe in them. Our team of best dentists in Kilpauk have helped many people regain their smiles by offering top-notch dentistry and advanced dental care services. Get a free consultation today.