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Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Periodontal or gum therapy treats the different diseases that affect the gum and bone surrounding the teeth. It is very important to treat gum disease problems at the earliest possible time. If left untreated the disease causes the gum and the bone around teeth to break down. It can also lead to problems like bone loss, loose teeth, bacterial infection and tooth loss.

Gum problems are the most common diseases affecting the human population. Most of the people think that bright and perfect set of teeth is all that makes a smile beautiful and attractive. However, the fact is that the size, shape, integrity, and health of gum tissue greatly influence the aesthetic appearance of even the most perfect teeth. Too much gum tissue can lead to teeth look short and wide while too little gum tissue can lead to exposure of root surfaces of teeth that look way too long.

What are the warning signs of Gum Disease?

  • - Tender, swollen or red gums
  • - Gums bleed during and after brushing
  • - Gum recession
  • - Tooth elongation
  • - Bad odour / halitosis or bad taste in the mouth
  • - Food impaction in areas of deep pockets formed between teeth and gums
  • - Loosening and shifting of teeth, or increase in spacing between teeth
  • - Abscesses (pus oozing from the gums)
  • - Recurrent infection in the mouth
  • - Sensitivity or Pain in teeth due to exposure of the roots by gum disease

Gum disease or Gingivitis often develops slowly without causing any pain and can begin at just about any age. Sometimes you may not have any symptoms until the disease has advanced and spread to the supporting bone.

It is very important to have a regular dental check-up and periodontal examination is done, preferably, once in 3 months. At Pearl Dental in Chennai, we use the latest techniques to permanently solve your gum problems. Be it bacterial contamination or cosmetic gum surgeries, we offer comprehensive gum therapy under one roof. This is what makes us the most preferred and best dental clinic in Kilpauk. Avail a free consultation and take preventative measure before gum problems visit you from the best dentists in Kilpauk offering advanced dental solutions at affordable price.