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Oral Surgeries

Oral surgeries are performed to treat complex oral problems including diseases, injuries, and defects. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the surgical specialists in the dental profession. They undergo extensive training in diagnosing and treating both the functional and aesthetic aspects of skeletal and soft tissues in the oral region.

Oral surgeries are performed for a wide-range of complex procedures like wisdom tooth extraction, Dental implants, jaw surgery, removal of tumours from jaw and mouth, jaw reconstruction, jaw joint surgery, removal of cancer from jaw, mouth and neck, surgery for salivary gland pathology, cleft lip and palate surgery, etc.

Generally, dental implants are used to replace missing tooth. For an implant to be placed successfully, it requires adequate bone underneath otherwise it doesn’t get the required support and lack the strength to stand on its own. In such cases, surgeons perform special procedures that increase the bone volume and enable successful placement of implants.

Cosmetic jaw surgery is performed to treat severe jaw deformities that cannot be corrected through braces. Such deformities also lead to health issues like snoring or sleep dysfunction and hence it is important to treat them on time. Surgery corrects both functional and cosmetic problems arising due to deformed jaws, allowing the patient to enjoy a stress-free and confident social life.

Surgeries are also performed to fix bones that have been fractured due to injury and trauma. Qualified and highly renowned dentists at Pearl Dental Chennai have unparalleled expertise in performing painless surgeries. Run by the best dentists in Kilpauk, we offer advanced dental care services that have brought smile to thousand faces.

Any abnormal growth of cells in the mouth can lead to oral cancer. At Pearl Dental, we believe in preventative care and hence we recommend our patients who notice growth of some form to get screened regularly so that tumors (if any) can be cured at its early stages saving them a lot of distress.

At Pearl Dental in Chennai, we have the city’s top surgeons on-board. This is what makes us the best dental clinic offering advanced dental care services at reasonable price. Visit our clinic in Kilpauk for a free consultation and you are sure to recommend us to your friends and family for the best dental experience ever.