It is incredibly substantial for an individual to look after the health of his teeth because of the effect it has on one’s diet and his overall health. Bright and beautiful teeth allows an individual to feel more confident and natural about himself. When an individual injures his tooth or if decay is formed, dental implants prove to be the best resolution for an individual with such problems. Dental Implants replace your original teeth and brings in a natural feel to the patient’s lost teeth. Most dentists recommend dental implants over other alternatives because of the benefits it provides.

Cost and Time

A missing tooth can be treated with a bridge, but it will make the individual go through a series of dental treatments which can be time consuming as well as costly. But the introduction of dental implants has made it easier for people because of its durability and reliability. Dental implants have also provided a long-term solution to damaged and missing teeth which is commendable. The surgeon creates tooth roots in an individual which develops a substantial connection to the jawbone and comforts one’s new crowns. Since they provide the same functionality as one’s natural teeth, Dental Implants are considered to be more effective than bridgework.


In cases of bridgework, the terminal stages are carried out with dentures and full arch replacements. These dentures have also presented several challenges for an individual like needing special care, limiting their diet and bone resorption, which has caused discomfort as well. But Dental Implants are amazing in terms of providing comfort for the individual. Since the surgeon attaches crowns to one’s implanted tooth roots, you can speak, chew and smile with your new teeth. Amazing isn’t it? It is always recommended to explore the options of dental implants before implementing any other tooth replacement options.

Appearance and Speech

One of the significant benefits of dental implants is that they look and feel like your own teeth. They also become permanent because of its design which fuses with the bone. When poor-fitting dentures are placed in an individual, the teeth can slip within the mouth which eventually causes a mumble or slur when a person speaks. But with dental implants, there is no such problem.


The problem of being careful while eating vanishes when you have dental implants placed in your teeth. Dental implants allows you to devour your preferred food with confidence and without pain.

Oral Health

Dental Implants don’t require reducing the other teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge does. This is because of the nearby teeth which are not altered and as a result one’s own teeth are left intact. The oral health and hygiene improve with such a mechanism.

Dental Implants do have a big advantage over bridges, and the above points prove that dental implants are quite convenient for an individual in terms of cost, durability and comfort. Pearl Dental thrives to provide you with remarkable services that can make an individual feel happy about his teeth.

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