Dental tourism is growing rapidly across the world and also has a substantial impact in India. Medical treatment costs have boomed up across the world, and this has resulted in foreigners coming over to India for treatments. It is reported that more than 200,000 people travel to India for medical treatments.

As far as dental treatments are concerned, people from across the globe visit India for world class treatments which is also done at a moderate cost. This has made India a fast emerging dental tourism destination in the world. The foreigners find India to be a exceptionally attractive country and therefore club their dental treatments along with a vacation. Who doesn’t want a world class dental treatment and an extended holiday together? This has not only helped the foreigners but also has proved to be beneficial for India’s economy.

Compared to the United States and United Kingdom, India’s dental and cosmetic surgery costs are pretty economical. It is said that the prices differ by a considerable margin in India. Since the treatments, surgeries and recovery time have been less, a foreigner can enjoy his time in India.

Another advantage which adds on to the dental tourism in India is that most clinics and doctors speak English. Since English is a universal language, the communication between the patient and doctor is smooth. A doctor or surgeon in India would predominantly have 10 years of experience which is a significant characteristic to have as the exposure in terms of procedures and complexity is massive.

It’s a noted fact that the dental treatments are 10 times cheaper when compared to the western countries. You can also look up the prices and the qualification of the dentists by researching in the internet. India ranks high when it comes to offering high-end sophisticated facilities at a reasonable rate and also tourism being a complement. It is also reported that India organizes a safe and pleasing health vacation to patients from abroad.

Other benefits of India’s dental treatments are:

Waiting Time – The waiting time is considerably less because of the several qualified professionals in India. They could fix their appointments through a travel agent or even talk directly to the dentist.

Alternate Medications – India is known for its ancient stream of medicines and alternate medications like Naturopathy and Ayurveda are also remarkably effective.

Sterilization Techniques – The sterilization protocol in India is of exceptional quality and enables all the dental treatments to be done in a microbe free environment.


Dental Tourism in India is growing rapidly in India and getting well known to the westerners. The concept of getting yourself treated and then enjoying your holiday in the same place is going well with the foreigners. The oral healthcare will evolve more in India if it is promoted and supported by the government.

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