Over the years, dental treatments have become very progressive and one such advanced implantology procedure is Basal Dental Implantology. This system is very advanced and uses the basal – cortical portion of the jaw bones for retaining the dental implants.

What is Basal Implantology?

Basal Implantology is a classical dental implant surgery where the lost tooth is restored through the integration of fixture into the bone tissue. Basal Implantology is also considered to be the most successful treatment in modern implantology. These implants are fixed at the base of your mandibular bone and do not cause atrophy of your bone tissue in case your tooth is missing.

In cases of Bone augmentation, basal implantology is considered to be immensely beneficial. The teeth are situated in less dense bone portions of the jaw bones called the alveolar bone (crestal bone). Once your teeth are lost, the crestal bone gradually resorbs and the bone which remains after regression is the basal bone which lies below the alveolar bone. The nasal bone is less prone to bone resorption and infections.

Types of Basal Implants

Basal Osseo Integrated and Basal Cortical Screw are the two types of basal implants exclusively designed to utilize the strong cortical bone. Basal Osseo Integrated Implants are placed in the jaw bone whereas the Basal Cortical Screw is flapless implants that are inserted through the gingiva, without giving a single cut inserted like a conventional implant.

The Significance of Basal Implantology

Basal Implants do have a lot of advantages and prove to be very beneficial for people who have lost their tooth. Since this procedure is placed using a non-traumatic procedure, the infection factor is ruled out. The impact of these implants depends on the stimulation of the growth of bone cells during the course of mastication.

Basal Implantation is performed only in the absence of three or more teeth in a row and the implant can’t be performed if the patient has blood disorders, bone marrow diseases, pregnancy, cancer, and mental disorders. Though Basal implantation has a rapid recovery period 5-7 days after implant procedure but still does not permit physical exertion and practice of extreme sports.


With the benefits that basal implantology offers, every patient can get fixed teeth almost immediately after implantation, without undergoing bone grafting, augmentations and the requirement of intermediate dentures is removed too. Basal Implants have become very helpful in these modern times, and we at Pearl Dental are very happy to tell you all that we specialize in Basal Implantology and provide quality treatments that can make you smile like before.

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