The importance of your oral health plays a major role in your overall well being and this is why you should be very conscious of what you eat. So, we at Pearl Dental want to let you all know about what foods can affect your oral health.

Plaque is a very big enemy to your teeth as it is responsible for all the dental problems like tooth decay, enamel erosion, etc. So, how is this plaque formed? The most obvious answer is because of the foods and drinks you consume. Now, let’s look at the foods and drinks which can affect your oral health.

Chewy and Sticky Foods

Foods that stick and stay between your teeth can affect your oral health badly as it stays there for a long time. The food particles present between your teeth turns into a plentiful energy supply for bacteria to produce more acid in your mouth. Therefore, it is very important to clean your teeth after every meal.

Carbs and Starch Foods

Several starchy foods like noodles, potatoes, and pasta can get stuck between your teeth and in your crevices. Though it is not considered to be dangerous as sugar, the starches present in your teeth begin converting to sugar immediately by the pre-digestive process that starts in your mouth through the enzymes present in your saliva. As far as refined carbohydrates are concerned, they are reported to pose many health dangers. They turn into sugars immediately after the food is consumed and the bad-bacteria kick starts the acid production in your mouth.

Hard Foods

Did you know that Enamel is the most arduous part of your body? If you chew on hard food, there is a chance that you might chip off a piece of your teeth or even damage your enamel. Therefore, it is extremely substantial to avoid chewing on hard substances to keep your teeth healthy.

Sugar Foods

Everyone knows that sugar is very bad for our teeth, but many don’t know the reason behind it. Foods like desserts, candies, and soft drinks contain sizeable percentages of sugar and can lead to acids and cavities caused by the bacteria in your mouth. It is not possible to eliminate the sugar content from your diet, but minimizing the sugar intake can keep your teeth healthy. Drinking a lot of water and brushing your teeth after every meal is very significant in order to have sound teeth.

Acidic Foods

Acidic Foods are very dangerous for the health of your teeth because of the simple reason that it can deteriorate your teeth’s enamel, causing tooth decay and cavities. Enamel is one of the most significant parts of your oral health and if it’s damaged, your teeth will have to counter several issues such as the discoloring of your teeth, sensitivity problems, etc. Some of the examples of acidic foods are alcohol, coffee, cheese, etc.


Minimizing or preventing the foods mentioned in the above blog can keep your teeth healthy by preventing plaque, cavities, tooth decay, etc. So, all you people out there!! Understand the consequences of all the foods you intake and it is very important to keep your oral health robust.

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