Pediatric Dentistry (also called Pedodontics) is very important for kids as it makes your child’s teeth healthier and prevents several dental diseases. Essentially, pediatric dentistry deals with children from birth through adolescence.


Good oral hygiene is critical for an infant and should be taken care of in the best possible way. It is quite significant to wipe down the gums with a wet or soft washcloth before any teeth erupts for them. Tools like baby toothbrush should be purchased in order to adjust to their tiny mouths as other tools that are not designed for them can affect their oral hygiene. By the time the kid becomes one or two years old, a dental visit is a must because the pediatric dentist will keep your child’s teeth healthy by removing plaque and food debris. This process will terminate all the bacteria inside the kid’s mouth.

Now, let’s look at how pediatric dentistry can be a boon to your children.


The foremost goal of every parent is making sure that their children brush twice a day and for 2 minutes. Using fluoride toothpaste also helps as the properties in it can help in keeping your child’s teeth healthy. All the parents should make it mandatory to supervise their children’s brushing until the age of 8 and make them floss once every day.

No sharing utensils

Never share your utensils with your children or don’t use theirs because of the cavity-caused bacteria that can be transferred to your child through your saliva.

Avoid pacifiers after 2 years

Pacifiers should not be used for more than 2 years in kids as it can affect the child’s bite if used for a prolonged period of time. This could become a problem in the future and would require orthodontic treatment to correct the issue.

Tooth Decay

One of the most common childhood diseases is tooth decay and this is the reason behind doctors advising parents to take their kids to dentists when their first teeth erupt. Taking your child to the dentist and getting them a routine check-up every 6 months can prevent diseases and other dental health problems in their early stages.


Fluoride plays a major role in your kid’s oral hygiene as its properties make your child’s teeth resistant to acid attacks from bacteria and sugars in the mouth. They also prevent and reverse early decay. So, the usage of fluoride toothpaste can be essential in augmenting your kid’s oral hygiene.


Kids do suffer from cavities as the food they consume is mostly snacks, junk food, and aerated drinks. In such a situation, it is important to take your child to the dentist and treat the cavity in order to relieve tooth pain and prevent the spread of infection.

Junk food

Kids and junk food go hand in hand as they love snacking all day. This results in a constant attack on the kid’s teeth and causes cavities by breaking the enamel. So, parents must make sure that they control the limit of junk food their children take.


With the above points said, the importance of Pediatric Dentistry for children is quite essential for them to have healthy teeth. We at Pearl Dental stress on parents teaching their kids about oral hygiene techniques and other dental problems to ensure good oral hygiene in their children.

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