Before we delve into the study of Dentures, let us know about Dentures? Dentures are fabricated gums and teeth that are conceived to replace your lost natural teeth. They can either replace a few teeth that are missing or can replace all the teeth in the gum line. The modern dentures are made out of hard resin and the materials that are used are lighter than natural teeth, which can crack or chip if not cared properly. It is very important to change your dentures once in five years because of the material which wears down faster than your natural teeth. Now, let’s look at the types of dentures.

Full Dentures

Complete Dentures, which are also known as Full Dentures replace all of your natural teeth. They can be fitted in your top and bottom gum line with the help of an oral adhesive. The best part about Full Dentures is that they are easily removable.


When you have a few natural teeth left or when you find the traditional dentures uncomfortable, Overdentures can be the way out. They are attached to the roots of the natural teeth and rest on dental implants, in case of no natural teeth present. Overdentures are easy to remove and are more comfortable.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are placed only when your natural teeth are not strong enough to support other treatments like dental bridges. They can also be used when some of your teeth are missing.

Dentures – Implant

The Implant-supported dentures are completely managed by the dental implant in your mouth. It is very important to understand that a dental implant is fixed permanently to your mouth, and it can be used to replace any number of teeth. These dentures are made up of a titanium metal post, a custom crown and the implant which is an exact replica of the natural tooth.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are made before replacing your teeth and are placed immediately after your tooth is extracted. These types of dentures are adjusted to accommodate mouth changes and can be placed without any problem as the swelling in the gums and jaw subsides while healing.

Importance of Dentures

Dentures do have a significant role in augmenting the personality of a person drastically. They improve the appearance of your smile even when you have several missing teeth and also keep the structure of your mouth robust. When dentures are placed, your troublesome teeth are removed and are replaced with a beautiful alternative.

Cleaning your Dentures

Just like how you clean your teeth every day, Dentures should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria, plaque, and tartar. You should make sure you take out your dentures regularly and cleanse it with water to eliminate any food particles stuck on the structure or gum line. After this, brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush to make sure it is completely cleaned. It is also quite significant to sterile your gums and teeth when your dentures are out.


Dentures are proving to be very effective when there are missing teeth as it augurs your appearance naturally, even though artificial teeth are placed in your mouth. This study of Dentures would definitely provide you with a lot of information on dentures and how important it can be. We at Pearl Dental are glad to let you all know that we provide this service with top-notch quality.

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