The invention of dental radiology has become so vital today as common oral health problems are identified quite easily. So, what is Dental Radiology? They are radiographic images of your teeth, jaw and bones that are used for the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the mouth.

Now let’s look at the benefits of Dental Radiology.

Spots Tumours and Cysts

Dental cysts and tumours are very dangerous for your overall well being as they infect your teeth and it’s bone. Detecting them without the help of dental radiology would have been nearly impossible because of their visual image. This is where X-rays play a huge role in dentistry as they spot these cysts and tumours early and aid the dentist to take the necessary steps. 


Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding is a medical condition that has an impact on many individuals. It causes severe pain and discomfort for the individual as he/she clenches their jaw often(unconsciously). Dental radiology becomes very beneficial here as the dentists use these x-rays to look for damage to the bone or jaw and recommend the best treatment.

Wisdom Teeth

The Wisdom Teeth which is also known as third molars start to grow during your late teens. But in some cases, they grow in an unstructured way and require removal. Dental X-rays have become a great boon for dentists in this case as they help them get a clear image of the unstructured wisdom teeth. With such advanced technology, dentists are able to get an accurate x-ray image of the wisdom teeth in the gums. 


What are Cavities? They are holes in your teeth caused by a plaque from certain eatables, drinks, and junk food. Without an x-ray, it is really difficult for a dentist to figure out the place of the cavity as the most common area is between your teeth. But since the invention of dental radiology, dentists have found it easier to treat cavities because of the x-rays that provide all the minute details.

Developing Teeth

Delays in tooth development are rare but it happens because of some problems that occur during your childhood. Though most of the children by the age of 13 have 28 permanent teeth, some have delays. Dental x-rays have made life easier for dentists as they check and find the cause of such delays using these images. These x-rays also help the dentists to figure out the teeth that grow unstructured or the teeth that needs proper care and treatment. Eventually, all the teeth development problems are identified and treated faster because of dental radiology. 


Dental Radiology has proved to be very helpful for dentists as they have the luxury of diagnosing dental problems accurately and treating them before it gets serious. We at Pearl Dental have specialized in Dental Radiology and the quality of treatment we provide is top class. So if you feel that you have any dental problems, visit us for the betterment of your oral health.

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