Dental Implants have become the solution for most dental problems and the natural appearance it gives is an added advantage. If you have problems with your natural teeth or if you have lost your teeth, dental implants make your life easier by being the perfect replacement. Now let’s delve into 7 amazing facts which would astonish you in regards to dental implants.

Devour Your Favourite Food

The reason why many people choose to go against dental treatments is because of the fact that they have to give up eating their favourite delicacies for a period of time. But when it comes to dental implants, you don’t have that restriction as they make it easy for you to chew, bite and swallow.


Though the initial pay is moderate, the entire treatment charges are comparatively lower than the other dental procedures. With several benefits, dental implants prove to be very effective for an individual who has lost or damaged his/her tooth.

Stabilized Jawbone

Your teeth plays a major role in keeping your jawbone stabilized as it is very sensitive. If at all you have a damaged or missing tooth, the bone underneath will deteriorate and damage your oral health. This is where dental implants prove to be very effective as a process called osseointegration bonds your jawbone like a natural tooth.

Prevent Cavities

Every individual who has crossed adolescence will understand the pain caused by cavities. It was one of our major problems while growing up and there have been many individuals who have lost their tooth because of this. One major benefit here is that dental implants may look and feel like natural teeth but they are definitely not the same. Gum diseases may form if you don’t take care of the implant properly but as far as cavities are concerned, they won’t be a complication again.

Success Rate

The success rate is very high in dental implants as most of the cases last a lifetime. If at all your implant fails, there are only a few reasons like bad oral hygiene, smoking and chronic diabetes which can have an impact. So if you’re planning on getting dental implants, make sure that you avoid the three factors stated above.

Natural Teeth

The difference of margin between a dental implant and a natural tooth is not big because of its stability and toughness. They feel like natural teeth and gives you a lot of confidence when you smile. The shade of the crown on top of the implant will complement the staining of your teeth and result in a natural appearance.

Easy To Care

Dental treatments like dentures have specific medicines to be applied every day for them to not cause any problems. But when it comes to dental implants, no such special medicines are needed in order to take care of it. Brushing and flossing your teeth for two minutes twice a day is all that is needed to keep the implants in check.


Dental implants are the most successful procedure in dental healthcare for replacing a missing or cracked tooth and can last a lifetime if taken care properly; just like your natural teeth. We at Pearl Dental specialize in dental implants and reading the 7 facts above can be very beneficial in some point of your life. Contact us if you’re enduring any sort of problem with your oral health.

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