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When your tooth is broken or discolored, a crown is used as a covering for your tooth. Ceramic, resin and gold crowns are the different types of crowns that are used to treat a patient. There are specific instances where you need to undergo this treatment,

  • When you have a worn or discoloured teeth.
  • If you’re teeth are heavily filled, the risk of fractures is on the higher rate. This may lead to the loss of your tooth structure as well. In such a situation, you will need to get a crown placed.
  • If your tooth is having cracks or you feel sensitivity
  •  When you tooth goes missing or lost
  • When you have problems after you’ve undergone a root canal treatment

When a missing or extracted tooth leaves a gap, a ceramic structure is used to fill in that space. This is called a dental bridge. A ceramic tooth is placed between 2 or more porcelain crowns on both sides of the missing tooth, that serve as anchors. The anchor teeth are shaped to accommodate the crowns, and then a bridge is fused securely over these teeth.