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Dental Implants become very important for an individual when he/she has a missing tooth. The benefit you get with Dental Implants is that an implant can replace one or more teeth, according to the condition of the sufferer. It is quite amazing that two or more implants can serve as a support for multiple teeth. If you have problems with your natural teeth or if you have lost your teeth, dental implants make your life easier by being the perfect replacement.

With so many people having missing teeth, dental implants prove to be a gift as they restore their bright and natural smile. The best dental implants in Chennai is done by Pearl Dental.

Step 1

Undergoing surgery is the first phase of the procedure where you have the implant placed in your jaw and is covered with gum tissue. For around 4 – 6 months, the implant is allowed to integrate into the jawbone.

Step 2

After the time period is completed, the implant will be well integrated into your jawbone. This is when your dentist will attach a post to the implant and let your gum tissues grow around it.

Step 3

When the implant and post are placed together, the effect does not make any difference.

Step 4

Then, a customized crown is attached to the implant post. The surgery takes several hours as the dental implants need to be placed in the jawbone. This is why people who are prone to infections do not consider dental implants. If all is well and your surgery is completed, make sure you follow what your dentist says as maintaining your oral hygiene is very critical.