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Pearl Dental is a dental clinic in Chennai that specializes in several dental treatments, in order to help people have good oral health. Let’s talk about Kids Dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry), the first treatment that Pearl Dental specializes in.

Pediatric Dentistry deals with managing the oral healthcare of children. The people’s perception of dental treatments has generally been painful and intimidating, especially in children. Let’s look at what you should do to keep your child’s oral health good.

Step 1

One of the most common childhood diseases is tooth decay and this is the reason behind doctors advising parents to take their kids to dentists when their first teeth erupt. Taking your child to the dentist and getting them a routine check-up every 6 months can prevent diseases and other dental health problems in their early stages.

Step 2

Kids have cavity issues as they predominantly eat snacks, junk food, and aerated drinks. If you want to prevent the spread of infection, take your child to the dentist often.

Step 3

The foremost goal of every parent is making sure that their children brush twice a day and for 2 minutes. Using fluoride toothpaste also helps as the properties in it can help in keeping your child’s teeth healthy. All the parents should make it mandatory to supervise their children’s brushing until the age of 8 and make them floss once every day.

Step 4

Pacifiers should not be used for more than 2 years in kids as it can affect the child’s bite if used for a prolonged period of time. This could become a problem in the future and would require orthodontic treatment to correct the issue.

Step 5

Never share your utensils with your children or don’t use theirs because of the cavity-caused bacteria that can be transferred to your child through your saliva.