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Treating different dental conditions using lasers is called laser dentistry. When compared to other dental treatments, laser dentistry offers more comfort and mental relief to patients. Several procedures are using laser dentistry in order to treat oral problems, as they might affect the health condition of an individual.

The best part about laser dentistry is that it is cost effective, comfortable and efficient. Laser treatments are done in two types of procedures: Hard Tissue procedure and Soft tissue procedure.

Hard Tissue Procedures include Cavity detection, dental fillings, tooth preparations and tooth sensitivity. Let’s look at the benefits now,

Pearl Dental is a dental clinic in Chennai which specializes in Laser Dentistry and treats patients with utmost care.

Step 1

Gum diseases like gingivitis can be very harmful to your teeth and should be treated immediately to avoid any further damage.The invention of laser dentistry has made it better because it has added benefits like removing the bacteria and providing a quicker healing time.

Step 2

In any form of treatment or surgery, the one thing that patients don’t want is prolonged pain. This is where Laser Dentistry has been a major boon for the dentists and patients as they cause less swelling and bleeding, which means that you will heal faster.

Step 3

When you think about dental treatments, you generally will have thoughts about the bleeding which will be on a higher percentage. But in Laser dentistry, the bleeding is controlled as there is less damage to the surrounding tissue.