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Root Canal Treatment keeps your oral health in good shape by treating problems like cracked tooth, infected tooth and decayed tooth. This is a treatment which saves a tooth from getting badly decayed. When you undergo this treatment, the nerve and pulp inside your tooth is removed, cleaned and sealed.

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Now, let’s look at the process of Root Canal treatment,

Step 1

The first part of the therapy is to give anesthesia to the tooth which is going to be treated.The anesthesia will make the tooth and its surrounding places numb.

Step 2

Your dentist will drill an opening through your crown to gain access to your pulp chamber.

Step 3

The dentist steriles the dead and infected pulp from the canals.You do not have to go through any pain due to the numbness caused by the anesthesia.

Step 4

After all the dead tissues are removed, the dentist uses disinfectants to disinfect the canals.

Step 5

Using fine instruments, the dentist shapes your canal and fills it with root canal fillings.

Step 6

During the course of shaping, the canals are cleaned and the debris is removed using the irrigation method. It is to be noted that this is done before inserting the fillings and sealing the tooth.

Step 7

After all these steps, a temporary cover material is placed above the fillings and is kept in place until a cap or crown is placed above the treated tooth. Then the crown is placed and cemented in that area so that it is never dislodged.